I thought no one could see my juvenile record?

While that's generally true, there are some big exceptions. For example, the police can still pull up the arrest, and employers can still ask about it. For more details, see here.

Why should I be thinking about getting my record expunged?

There are a lot of ways having a juvenile record have can have long-lasting negative effects. Getting your record expunged can fix almost all of those. For more information, see here.

After I find out I am eligible to apply for juvenile expungement in Louisiana, what do I have to do?

To petition for juvenile expungement, you will need to:
1. Fill out the petition form
2. Submit your petition to the appropriate court

How much does juvenile expungement cost?

The cost is different in each parish. In New Orleans, it costs $450 to expunge a single case or arrest. However, many people qualify for a fee waiver that will waive $200, which would reduce the cost to $250. You can talk with a lawyer about whether there is any way to reduce that fee.

After I petition for juvenile expungement, what are the chances that my petition will be approved?

Whether your petition is approved is up to the judge. However, in the past, most petitions have been approved!