This is a web resource created for people with juvenile records in Louisiana.

A juvenile record can be a barrier to employment, education, and other opportunities. Luckily, juvenile records can sometimes be erased through the expungement process. aims to clarify the juvenile expungement process and connect people to legal aid, with the hope of more people getting their records erased!

This project is brought to you by the Louisiana Center for Children's Rights, a non-profit law office working to defend the right of every Louisiana child to fairness, dignity, and opportunity. LCCR's holistic legal representation helps young people achieve their goals in court and in life, and we advocate for a juvenile justice system that is fair, compassionate, and supportive of positive youth development. is an adaptation of, a civic tech project coded by Cathy Deng for Illinois juvenile expungement. The code is open-source ( code on github), which means that all sorts of organizations can take it and adapt it as they please!